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I am Nadine, married and a mom of three. I am truly a Mom at Ease:  I am calm, centered, happy, feeling good about myself and my body and loving my family life - at least most of the times ;-). And so can you.

BUT: I haven't been like this from the beginning of motherhood. Oh no, quite the opposite: I was super stressed out, suffered head aches, neck aches, back aches, migraines and was so exhausted that most evenings, I cried or shouted at some one (husband, kids, dog, filthy frying pan…)

I also had impossible expectations about how my life had to be: Bringing up well behaving, cute kids, pushing my career, having a clean, cosy home all the time, only feeding organic, home made sugar-/gluten-/dairy-free meals, getting really fit really fast, dressing beautifully and being the lover any husband dreams of – you know, the usual.

Tell you what: I failed. Big time. 

But …
How I thought I had to look
How I really looked
(you will figure out which is which).
Nadine nachher.jpg

I picked myself up and can truly say that I am so happy with my life right now. But you know what? Nothing changed on the outside. I still have the kids, the husband, the house. I still don't have a full-time nanny, a chef, a chauffeur and a live-in-cleaner.
Everything that changed my life for the much(!) better came from within me. I made myself happier, less stressed, calm, relaxed. And again, so can you.

If you want to get to know me better, I invite you to google-translate the rest of my website (I have three kid, you know, so don't have time to do it myself ;-)

If you want to become a Mom at Ease yourself, I would be happy and honored to help you! Soon, you will find my 4-week Self-care-course for moms here. 

You will get: 6 videos, working sheets and email-support with me personally.
Much more important: Your kid(s) will get a patient, happy mom that is fun to be around. Your partner will actually recognize the woman he fell in love with. And you will finally get the feeling of being calm, happy, relaxed and loving yourself most of the times.

For more information, email me (nadinesorgenfrei@web.de) and ask me any questions.
I will also let you know as soon as the 4-week Self-care-course for moms is available.

I am here for you! Nadine xxx